Saturday, January 7, 2012


Every blog must have a first post. The usual model is to lay out some grand ambitions and ideals to inspire embarrassment or regret in the author later. In lieu of that, I will admit that this is my third attempt at blogging.

The first blog was about .NET programming that I started when I was playing with WinFX and Indigo, which became Windows Communication Foundation in .NET 3.0. I think I wrote 4 posts. I don't even remember the name of that blog now.

The second was an attempt at non-fiction prose. I wrote a bit more there, but no where near as much as I had hoped. That was a grand vision that didn't pan out.

So why a new blog? Because I am more excited about programming than I have been since at least the WinFX beta, possibly even more than when I first switched to .NET in 2002, and maybe since ever.

Computer platforms are mobile, multi-core and distributed. But sometimes developers are so focused on the problems they face day to day that they don't have a chance to see how the world has changed around them.

Think of this blog as the diary of Rip Van Programmer. I have recently woken up and now I have to learn to live in this strange modern world.

This blog is about the process of my learning. I hope that it will contain useful things for others, but I expect to make mistakes along the way. If a year from now I can't look back and find mistakes in this blog it will have been a failure.

If you see mistakes or better ways to do things, please tell me!

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