Monday, January 23, 2012

Clojure is one answer

My last post was a link to a video talking about the challenges of many-core computing. Today I am linking to another video from Channel 9. This one is a discussion with Rich Hickey about Clojure. The topics build on one another: introducing Clojure, why Clojure is a lisp, functional programming, lists and vectors, persistent data structures, identities and concurrent programming. I recommend the whole video, but if you just want to jump to the section on concurrency that starts at 37:15.

edit: For people who didn't like the embedded player, here is the link to the video on msdn.


  1. I don't mind Silverlight, but there are serious problems loading and reloading this video. Any chance you could put it up on Vimeo that have better servers and players?

  2. I don't own the video, so I can't repost it anywhere. You can download it from msdn in wmv, mp4 or mp3 (I just added the link). I first listened to it as an mp3, the video isn't critical.

    Thanks to whomever linked me on HN, that was a bit of a surprise.